P2P Lending platform is a lending platform where borrowers and lenders will be connected directly with each other and without going through a credit institution or bank.
Making these simple steps:
- Step 1: Download the P2P Lending app which you want to join to register for an account
- Step 2: Perform the registration by filling in information such as full name, phone number, password.
- Step 3: Submit the request for OTP and confirm
That's the whole process to register an account for joining the P2P Lending lending platform.
This is the lending function when the investor participates in P2P Lending lending platforms to make a profit
The function of borrowing is a function for particip
For the P2P Lending platform, the processing of transactions is fast and secure thanks to the superior blockchain technology. It helps reduce intermediary costs, secure, increase transactions.
Lenders will be able to lend as soon as they register for an account on the P2P Lending platform and provide a deposit to the platform. Borrowers can also apply for loans as soon as they register for an account on our platform and are required to provide crypto collateral. With this simple execution process, borrowing and lending will be completed within a few clicks.
For investors participating in the P2P Lending lending platform, benefits will exceed expectations:
- Enjoy profit from interest up to 1% / day.
- Added value of DAFCO Token
- From development policy of P2P Lending system
This depends on a number of factors such as the amount, the interest rate and the time that is suitable. You (borrower) can rely on the system to check loan terms of other investors (lender) in accordance with your needs.
And there are many people in need of borrowing on P2P Lending system.
Your investments in lending will be extremely safe. Because when lending to others, there will be a signing process on the smart contract. If the borrower is no longer able to pay interest monthly, the smart contract will automatically refund the investment and interest to the lender from the collateral available in the borrower's account.
The minimum and maximum loan amount can be found in the “Loan Terms” section depending on the P2P Lending loan platform you join.